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Local Trade Copier Study

Simple Real-Time Trade Sync

Another #SOLID SST Custom Study for

 👉 Customers of the All In One Bundle also have access to the Local Trade Copier study. You simply restart SC 😎

What's the difference with the Sierra Chart trade copy functionality?

With the SST Local trade copier studies you have a more flexible functionality.

  • You can copy between running SC instances so you are not limited to a single trade service account. 
  • Sizing is more flexible as you can scale with different sizes and also use a smaller size on the receiver end. 
  • You can copy your trades over different trading instruments.
  • You can copy only when a trade is entered on a specific chart. So if you only want to copy trades you initiate on your strategy X chart you can do that. Setting the transmitter chart origin and your specific TAG. Basically allowing you, for instance, to copy your scalps but not your swing trades.
  • You can show a text on the chart where you have a study active, reminding you of the loaded functionality.

All in all you will have a lot more flexibility with the SST trade copier studies.

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