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Auto Trading Study Bundle

Automate your trading edge on Sierra Chart

Without Programming

Another #SOLID SST Custom Study for

Frederik has been a tremendous source of knowledge and guidance in setting up automated trading systems.

James C, Seattle, USA


  • You are a serious Sierra Chart trader with a trading strategy
  • You have basic knowledge of simple alert conditions in Sierra Chart
  • You are looking to automate and test a trade idea and want to do it quickly

SST AT is an awesome tool for auto trading. It has saved me a lot of time. Before discovering this tool, I was struggling with Sierra Chart's native spreadsheet auto trader. SST AT is so feature rich and robust. I'm using it to auto trade multiple instruments. I've also received a lot of help from Frederik, the creator of the tool. I'm very comfortable working with him and have entrusted him to write custom studies for me. If you're interested in using Sierra Chart for auto trading, you can't go wrong with SST AT and Frederik.

Peter L, California USA


  • Easier to configure than Sierra Chart spreadsheets
  • Flexible features for Automated Trading
  • Support studies included


  • Fast and accurate, made for high performance
  • Quickly test a trade idea. Save time
  • Nail every LIVE entry to the T while you sip coffee


  • Trade as many instruments as you want
  • Manage risk per instrument
  • Split session setups are easily done


  • Obtain a license key through checkout
  • Activate the license key on your SST profile page
  • Restart Sierra Chart for automatic study download

I have been using Frederik's studies for some time. The Auto Trading is by far better than anything else on the market. I've also used Frederik for some custom study development and it was exactly as I envisioned. He has been exceptionally helpful, knowledgeable and I am extremely happy with everything he has developed.

Ken C, Washington DC, USA


Is this a trading system?

I don't have a trading strategy. Is this for me?

Do you have examples?

What knowledge do I need?

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

What if I change SC Account in the future?

What if I don't know if my idea can be automated?