volume dot

Volume Dot Study

This study draws volume really well

  • Can be used on any type of bar based chart
  • Chartbooks made by @TicinoTrader included
  • New V2 released.
  • Support for session times and new drawstyles.
  • Delta Dots Study (V2) added to same bundle
  • Each study instance can plot a selected volume relationship
  • Plots update continuously
  • Plot Big Orders at price as they happen
  • Plot Filtered Imbalance Clusters
  • Plot Bid% or Ask% at X levels from Top or Bottom of a bar
  • Main modes: T&S, Volume At Price, Imbalance, Bar Volume
  • Sub-Modes: Bid, Ask, Total Vol, Bid%, Ask%
  •  12 different Draw Styles supported
  • Plots are colored based on intensity inside a Color Range 
  • Automatic or Fixed Plot Size options
  • Multiple filter options: general, top & bottom price levels
  • Very feature rich study
  • This purchase will provide you with a license key
  • The License key can be activated on your SST profile page
  • Easy access: study auto-downloads after license activation and a Sierra Chart restart

 Frederik loves SC

Another #SOLID SST Custom Study for

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Fred's studies are the best on the market, all studies are neatly programmed and do not affect the performance of the system. If you have any questions, you can be sure to get an answer. An enrichment for Sierra Chart!

Peter, Germany

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