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You can trial the study bundle for free or purchase a license. Click the button for access options to this study bundle 👇

SST Request Bundle

Unique studies for SST supporters

The Request Bundle consists of a unique set of studies that are purpose-driven, modified versions of existing tools, and designed to enhance your trading. This bundle is constantly growing as new studies are added based on client and customer requests.

You can try the Request Bundle for free, or get lifetime access for the low entry price of just $39. All future additions will be included.

If you like the SST FreeBundle you will also love this. Let me know if you have a request to add to this bundle*.

  • 25 studies included, constantly growing
  • Free (one-time) trial available
  • One-time payment >> Lifetime access including updates
  • Valued at 10x the current price

* Must be an existing client

What's inside

  • bundle contents

  • demo

  • FAQ

The current contents of the SST Request Bundle can be seen in the picture below. You can use the study description button inside SC to get more details about the studies and the available settings. Check the quick video demo/walkthrough in the next tab.

request bundle

NEWLY added

  • Bar Numbering SST
  • Cancel Open Order when another chart is in a position
  • Candle Sticks for intrabar SG data
  • Conners RSI 
  • Cumulative Delta Bars - Volume (Date Time Reset)
  • Cumulative Sum of Study based on alert condition (modified SC study that works on an Alert condition)
  • Display Forex factory calendar news items - V3 (font size and position options)
  • DR/IDR study for Sierra Chart. (Trading concept taught by @IamMas7er on twitter.)
  • Ehler Optimal Tracking Filter (Google it ...)
  • Estimated Position in Queue in SG (Show the EPQ of  LMT order in a SG)
  • Extend SG over next Session  (extend the selected SG from stop of session until the next session stop time)
  • Fade Signal Study (read about this study on my blog)
  • Hilbert Sine Wave - Sine and LeadSine Wave
  • Hilbert Sine Wave - Support and Resistance levels
  • Laguerre RSI - Fractal energy
  • Opening Range Study based of min max ranges over X days (Hat Tip @RSH_Trader)
  • Projection in % of Study Value SubGraph
  • Projection in ticks of Study Value SubGraph
  • RSI and Stochastic RSI as per Trading View  (yes they are different from the SC ones)
  • Set Order Quantity on the Trade Window by Reference value
  • Set Order Quantity To Position Size by button and/or shortcut
  • Set VAP Multiplier value with a right-click button
  • Trading: Profit/Loss In SG
  • Write Bar and Study Data To File (SST version)
  • ZigZag Channel


Frederik's suite of studies is nothing less than top-notch. There is incredible value in the studies included in the free bundle alone. His other studies that I have experience with, run very efficiently. I can wholeheartedly recommend Frederik's services if you need a custom study!


Fred has been a good friend and very helpful for chart and study-related questions. I have found his charting tools to be very helpful and use them every trading day.


Get Lifetime access to this unique study bundle

$39 Lifetime Access - All future updates included

You can trial the study bundle for free or purchase a license. Click the button for access options to this study bundle 👇

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