Brand new and very unique Study Bundles for the Sierra Chart trading platform are now available to the public. With these studies you can become a Signal Provider that shares signals with your private group of traders. Your followers will be receiving signals in real-time straight to their charts. Read this blogpost for all the details on the possibilities of this Signal Sharing Service.


This is the start of a brand new SST service for Sierra Chart Users that want to share signals privately and in real-time to other Sierra Chart Users around the globe. You can send signals to anyone with a Sierra Chart Account in real-time.

The core of this service has been running in several private trading groups for some time and now it's available for everyone.

Watch the video below to quickly go through the concept of this service and the study bundles that are currently available.

Do you want to become a Signal Provider?

Get the Signal Provider Study by clicking the button below and follow the activation instructions. A 5-Day free trial is available.

After you activate the license key of the Signal Provider Study Bundle you can start to give access to your private channel through the link in your SST profile page. Instructions are pretty simple (see images below or the video above) and available on your SST profile page as well.

If you are looking to support more than 50 users or would like to discuss a different setup, you can let me know, we can discuss the available options.

Signal Provider Study Activation

signal provider activation

Signal Provider User Access Management

signal provider user management

Make sure to check the demo video below and the study description inside Sierra Chart to know all the details on using the Signal Provider Study Bundle.

Do you want to receive Signals?

IMPORTANT: You can only receive real-time signals from a Signal Provider that uses the Signal Provider Study Bundle. If you are not in contact with a Signal Provider you can not use this study.

You are in contact with your Signal Provider and you got your user token and channel id? GOOD! Congratulations, 👉 make sure you have access to the Signal Receiver Bundle. You can get access by clicking the button below and following the instructions.

Are you already subscribed to the SST AutoTrading Study Bundle or the All In One Study Bundle? In that case you do NOT need to get this Receiver Study separately, it will already be available for you in the custom study list inside Sierra Chart.

The access instructions are very simple and exactly the same as with any other SST study. After license activation and a Sierra Chart restart, the study will automatically download.

The Signal Receiver Study is only useful if you are given access to the channel through your Signal Provider. The Signal Provider will need to share your personal Token and the Channel Name after your SC Account name is added to the channel. The Signal Provider is in full control. With the token and channel details you can get real-time access to the signals the Signal Provider shares. Token and channel details are personal and can not be interchanged between other SC users.

Make sure to check the video below and the study description inside Sierra Chart to know all the details on using the Signal Receiver Study Bundle.

About the author

Frederik creates #SOLID automated trading strategies and indicators for the Sierra Chart trading platform, helping serious traders worldwide with consistent trading performance.


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