By Frederik

In the video below the newly released Volume Dot Study is explained. This study will allow you to plot various volume and volume relationships on a chart using different draw styles. A very unique picture can be created.

This study is very flexible in use and will no doubt help you in your trading. @TicinoTrader provided the chartbooks with this study and these are include in the study download.


The Volume Dot Study just got companion by the new study Delta Dots. Same principal on plotting, just that it plots the Delta Volume (Ask - Bid) when above a set threshold and filter. 

The latest update provides the V2 of both studies. The V2 has support for new drawstyles and a session setting. As Volume relationships and thresholds can vary throughout the day, you can now use session specific settings for these studies.

These studies are also included in the study bundle called: Volume Profile and Order Flow Study Bundle. If you already have that bundle you just need to restart SC to see these new Volume Dot and Delta Dot studies.

As always the All In One Bundle customers get first dibs and already have these new studies available.

You can get the Volume Dot study here

About the author

Frederik creates #SOLID automated trading strategies and indicators for the Sierra Chart trading platform, helping serious traders worldwide with consistent trading performance.


  • Hi Frederik,

    Already a subscriber to Volume study 🙂

    Where can we download the charts for Volume Dot Study from please?

    Thank you.

    • Chartbooks are in your SC data folder they are auto downloaded with the study. Just for the volume dot study at the moment, dot volume chartbooks for the other study bundles are not yet done. Give me a few days.

        • Am absolutely LOVING this study.

          You’ve created a master piece here Frederik – hat tip to you sir!!!

          The visualization makes looking at numbers bars almost redundant and it’s just so much easier to see when/where volume/delta in one direction is coming in (or not).

          Will be testing his study out in real-time over the coming weeks.

          Thank you once again.

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