Wanting to test the HOLP / LOHP study as described in J Carter's book - Mastering the Trade?

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Recently I was asked if I could make this study for SierraChart, so I decided to make it available in the FreeBundle. It is a fairly simple study if you have any questions just hit me up.

J. Carter describes using the High Of the Low Period and the Low Of the High Period as points of interest. When price breaks these price points one could consider these as part of a signal to buy or sell. 

This not a recommendation to trade just this signal, it could however be part of a complete signal which can include other conditions that you prefer when you define your approach to trading.

Refer to earlier blog posts to give some of my tools a try.

Combine with the AutoTrader Study

This study is called a signal study because you can use the signals to initiate automated trade entries with the SST AutoTrader study. If you want to know more about the SST AT check out this blogpost.

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FreeBundle setup instructions

If you signed up for the FreeBundle and you have restarted SC you will see SST_FreeBundle in the custom study list. The new study should also be visible within the FreeBundle. 

If you previously signed up for the FreeBundle you just need to restart SC and give it one minute after login into SC to auto-download the update. Simple as that.

You can check out an earlier blogpost on how to get access to the FreeBundle.

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  • I am all about helping serious traders with #SOLID custom Sierra Chart studies. Hopefully the FreeBundle studies are of use to you, let me know your thoughts and ideas in the comments below. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions.

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Frederik creates #SOLID automated trading strategies and indicators for the Sierra Chart trading platform, helping serious traders worldwide with consistent trading performance.


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