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Custom SC Development

Do you have an idea for a custom SC indicator? Don't want to spend time trying to code it? Let me handle the coding for you at a normal price.

automated trading sierra chart

Automated Trading

The SST Auto Trading Study Bundle has everything you need to build your own trading system.The blog has a few AT examples you can take as inspiration.

Real Time Data Services

Are your serving a private group of Sierra Chart users?
Looking to get trading signals, price levels, large order blocks or chart drawings etc. straight to a chart. Contact me for custom work.

SST Custom Study Library

Have a look at the ever growing Library of #SOLID Sierra Chart studies. Import price levels, VWAP, Orderflow Studies, Gamma Bands, Discord and Telegram Position posting and many more.


Great experience. Recommend working with Frederik.

Francois from France

I have asked Frederik to develop an ACSIL study, from a spreadsheet I have created and was using for some months. I wanted it to be more efficient running on SC. He was very professional, careful to details and very efficient. I definitively recommend him as a SC expert.

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