By Frederik on June 21, 2022 in Custom SC studies

The unique local trade copier study bundle for Sierra Chart allows you to copy your trade positions in real-time to any other chart on your local machine. 


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Study Concept

The concept is simple. A transmitter study will send signals to connected receiver studies whenever your trade position changes or attached orders are moved when a trade position is open. You setup a transmitter study and as many receiver studies on other charts or SC instances as you need.

You can trade from your main chart and copy your position on charts that run the receiver study. This receiver study can run on charts used on different installations or instances of Sierra Chart. This allows you to copy trades to multiple other trading accounts that are set by the particular SC installations you are using. You can run as many combinations of transmitter and receiver studies as you desire.

Trading multiple accounts or multiple instruments from one chart with flexible settings as well as flawless and lightning fast execution.

If you choose so you can also copy price changes of any attached stop and target orders to be reflected on the receiver end. Check out the full study description inside SC.

What's the difference with the Sierra Chart trade copy functionality?

With the SST Local trade copier studies you have a more flexible functionality.

  • You can copy between running SC instances so you are not limited to a single trade service account. 
  • Sizing is more flexible as you can scale with different sizes and also use a smaller size on the receiver end. 
  • You can copy your trades over different trading instruments.
  • You can copy only when a trade is entered on a specific chart. So if you only want to copy trades you initiate on your strategy X chart you can do that. Setting the transmitter chart origin and your specific TAG. Basically allowing you, for instance, to copy your scalps but not your swing trades.
  • You can show a text on the chart where you have a study active, reminding you of the loaded functionality.

All in all you will have a lot more flexibility with the SST trade copier studies.

There is a quick overview video πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ on what to expect so you can get started. Enjoy. Get a free trial license below and have test drive to see what's possible.

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About the author

Frederik creates #SOLID automated trading strategies and indicators for the Sierra Chart trading platform, helping serious traders worldwide with consistent trading performance.


  • Hi,

    seems really interesting, got 2 questions:

    1. If I decide to buy this, will I be able to use the study on multiple differenct computers or is it just a single license for 1 machine? (right now I have 3 different machines in different locations)

    2. Are there any future plans/changes so it isn’t only local? For Instance I enter a trade on my desktop and it also copies to my notebook.

    • 1. When you buy, you will get a study license which is tied to your SC account. If you can use SC on different computers from the same SC account you can also use the study on those machines.
      2. I have plans to expand the signal provider study that I offer. This future update will allow a user to share your trades in real-time with other users across the globe. It’s totally separate from this local copier study though.

  • Hi Frederik, can this be used on 2 separate computers? I have 2 pc’s each running 1 instance of SierraChart. They are using the same Sierra account and are both on the same local network. Would I be able to transmit a trade from one to the other or does Sierra need to be running both instances on the same single pc? Thanks

  • Hi Frederik, tried out the trial version. Thanks for your help and patience making it work. Wasn’t difficult, operator error. Just signed up for the subscription. Great work. Appreciated.

  • Hi Frederik,

    Will the trade copier study works with DOM? Will it be able to handle multiple lots with multiple targets? Will it also work with 3 different instances of SC?


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