Hide multiple Sierra Chart studies with one click.

Indicators .... never enough or always to many .... you can't trade with them or you can't trade without them. Or can you? Every trader is highly likely to be very particular on his or her chart setup. Trading and setting up your charts are a very personal evolution. To many choices will certainly result in clutter no matter how big your screen is. Every indicator or study has its use, but likely does not need to be visible all the time. Awesome indicator A over here and another one over there, some overlay study from another timeframe. All looking slick ... and pretty cluttered ... can you still see price? Wouldn't it be great to hide studies with a single click? If you say HELL YES, I bet you will like this new simple study addition to the FreeBundle to get your charts organized even better. Check out the video below for all the details.  

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Forex Calendar events inside your SC chart window

Did you ever had a day where you trading preparation was below par and some news event hit you by surprise? Let's fix that. This blog post will introduce you to the first study in the SST FreeBundle which is the Forex Factory Calendar Study. Check out the rest of this post to get the details. 

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get signed up for the freebundle

FreeBundle Access Instructions

Hi Sierra Chart enthusiast. This first blog post will get you set up with the FreeBundle studies as quick as possible. You can check out the video posted below for a walk-through the registration process and how to get access to my FreeBundle of SC studies. A quick write-up will describe these steps as well.

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