Hi, I am Frederik 👋

I develop Solid Code so you can focus on your trading

Stop spending the best time of your life with frustration trying to figure things out by yourself. An experienced Sierra Chart programmer who also happens to trade is just one email away.

Sierra Chart programmer Frederik @ SST


from Germany

It was a good experience and collaboration with Frederik. He implemented a smaller study for me, everything was as agreed and in time and budget. I can definitely recommend SST and Frederik .


M Patel

from London

I requested an order placement / trade management system from Frederik. The experience was extremely satisfying. Frederik listened to what I wanted and asked questions that I had not considered. He had no issues making changes and talked me trough all installation issues that I was unaware off as well as how to use the study. He gave ample testing time and was extremely patient and courteous throughout our dealings and delivered just what I had requested. Will definitely use again.

what brings you here?

Just Browsing?

Have a look at the custom studies I offer? 

Brand new to Sierra?

Shave some time off your learning curve.


Whether you are an individual trader, run a trading group, manage a fund for family and friends, make markets or share your trading knowledge to your followers. Hell, you might even run a billion $$$ 💸💵💰 prop shop or hedge fund.

If you run Sierra Chart you are in the right place.

My mission is to provide #SOLID studies and help fousands 😎 of traders get the best out of the Sierra Chart trading platform.

I create custom Sierra Chart tools for every serious trader on the planet, however this is not for everyone. Only the serious peeps who know what they want.

SO ...

  • Sierra Chart is your trading platform of choice?
  • You know your requirements?
  • Curious if your thing can be done in Sierra Chart?
  • Maybe you have a solid trade idea you would like to automate?
  • Or you need a Sierra Chart expert to support your trading business?
  • Did you see some random guy on twitter post a picture?
  • Looking to get the thing from the pic without knowing what it actually is? 
  • Looking for some holy grail or trading shortcut?
  • Looking for someone to review your buggy C++ code?
  • Want to learn how to code?

We are not a good fit. I can not help you. 

"Hi Fred. Do you only develop for Sierra Chart?" - Yes. Only Sierra Chart and nothing else. You will have 100% of my focus on your job.


from the USA

Frederik is a skilled programmer and his expertise with Sierra Chart is top notch. He delivered the product as requested in a timely fashion. If you are looking for a custom study for Sierra Chart - look no further! Thanks Frederik!


from Canada

My introductory experience with Frederick and sst was through the Free Bundle offering, Something anyone running Sierra Chart should have! I still use his news study on every chartbook I have to be sure I step out of the way. Over time Frederik has shown me there are many things that can be done in Sierra I didn't know were possible! I look forward to working with Fred in the future. 


Start a conversation today!

frederik @SST

 Services highlights

Custom Sierra Chart Development

  • Solid, fast and stable studies
  • Your SC Study coded your way
  • Affordable delivery options
  • Confidential client communication

For a serious trader like yourself the Sierra Chart trading platform is by far the best bang for your buck. SC has a vast amount of possibilities including the creation of custom studies. Custom studies really add an advanced layer of flexibility to your Sierra Chart experience.

Programming these studies by yourself in a reliable way is not very easy. You can try, but this will likely become a major distraction from your trading. Your energy, time and focus is better spend on finetuning your trading edge or away from the screens with family and friends.

Send me a message to find out if creating a SC study can be a solution for your customization problem.

Automated Trading in Sierra Chart

  • Your edge automated
  • Using readily available studies
  • Explore your trade ideas quickly
  • For truly serious SC users

You have been around the block and know your trading edge, but you spend way to much time behind your screens? You don't want to miss your trade setup, but who has many months to spare, just to create a basic AT setup?

As a result of my own struggles many moons ago I developed the 👉 SST Automated Trading Study Bundle 👈 which allows anyone with some basic SC knowledge to test a trade idea quickly.

The SST AT Bundle allows me to help more traders without sacrificing my time on large development projects. The first step with AT requests is to check if your idea can be automated with built-in SC studies and using the SST AT Bundle.

Follow up with me to see if you need any help or require a custom signal or support study to automate your trading edge.

White Label SST Sierra Chart Studies

  • Run the best SST studies on your own name
  • Sell your own program backed by solid studies
  • Support your trading group with new studies
  • Flexible pricing options with bulk discounts

Quite a few trading groups run my studies. If you see value in one or more of my custom studies to be used by your trading group or you want to sell your own coaching/trading program which includes custom study access, we can have a talk to discuss the possibilities. With this White Label option the studies of your choice will be renamed, rebranded and re-bundled as required.

Access to your white label study bundle for your customers can be fully controlled on your own SST profile page or through role-based access on your Discord server. The White Label License can be purchased for lifetime access or as a recurring subscription and is valid for a preset number of customers.

As white label license owner you deal with Frederik and your customers will continue to do business with you. SST is not involved with any customer interaction.

Minimum numbers apply and bulk discounts compared to my regular license pricing are available. 

SST Affiliate Program

  • Recoup your purchase or start a side income
  • Let more traders enjoy the benefits of Sierra Chart
  • Help with Frederik's mission
  • Easy setup instructions

As a customer of SST you can become an affiliate for the studies and subscriptions you buy.

As an affiliate you get a 20% commission for every sale that comes in through your own personal affiliate link. This applies to all Life Time licenses of the products you bought and any active recurring subscriptions you have.

This opportunity allows you to recoup your purchase with SST and will also contribute to my main mission of helping as many serious Sierra Chart traders as possible.

All this affiliate stuff is handled automatically through gumroad.com and you get payed directly to your PayPal account. Send me a message if you want to get started.

Real-time Signal Sharing

  • Run a private signal channel
  • Share real-time signals, levels and more
  • Unique study bundle only available at SST
  • Trade copier possibilities

Always late when sharing your levels or signals with a group of traders? Battling with telegram, discord or a private twitter feed? Why would you if you run Sierra ...

👉 Recently I launched a unique custom study bundle 👈 that allows you to share your signals with other Sierra Chart users in real-time

As a signal provider you fully control access to your own private signal channel. The signals you share are displayed straight on the charts of your followers.

This concept allows for many other ideas of sharing trading items with your group in real-time. Let me know what you would like to see.

Partner Projects

  • Start or augment your trading business
  • Get your technical support covered
  • Flexible compensation structures
  • Long term collaborations

For traders or trading group leaders that have their own unique SC studies or trading concept in mind and would like to bring that to the marketplace, but ... 

do not want to code these studies, don't want to set up and run a website, a payment gateway, handle trials and subscription based licenses, customer support requests or automated study and chartbook distribution ... 

You can partner with Frederik and enjoy the benefits of a fully automated SST website & backend, a growing SST audience and kick-ass tech support.


Step 1

Planning & Preparation

We communicate about your requirements via email or through a conference call. We agree on the terms (price, payment, timeline, delivery) of the project. Once a down payment is received the project is scheduled.

solid sierra chart programming execution

Step 2


I will do my thing and you will be kept informed every step of the way. When the testing phase starts you will have ample time to review that all requirements are met. When you are happy with the results final delivery will take place.

Step 3


Client satisfaction is extremely important. Every delivery is a celebration. I take on a limited number of projects at one time. This means I can give each client exactly what is needed – my attention & complete focus. Delivery will take place within the agreed timeline and budget.


Will the custom work be private?

Yes, as a general rule all custom work is private. This does not mean that if I make a Fibonacci study for one client I can never make another Fib study for another client. Everyone has particular ideas, I turn your ideas into trading reality, but I always keep client ideas private. However, some ideas are not unique and are considered general purpose or public knowledge. This kind of work can not be claimed to be part of a NDA. If you need me to sign an NDA you can send one over, but please don't waste my time with NDA-ing public stuff. If you feel other traders can benefit from your indicator or trade idea we can discuss a few options that can benefit everyone.

Do you have a waiting list?

True, I am a busy man. It is not uncommon to schedule new projects a few weeks into the future. Clients are generally scheduled on a first come first served basis. After the job requirements are clear I can provide a quotation and a more detailed timeline. Smaller work is easier to schedule than larger projects. This planning process will take a few emails or a call to be confirmed.

What is your hourly rate?

For most jobs and projects I quote a fixed price. For very particular work an hourly rate applies. My current rate is $USD 100.

Can you do Indicator translations?

Generally I can do indicator translations, however sometimes these are not the simplest of jobs. I prefer creating indicators from scratch, so it is far better to just tell me what an indicator needs to do and how things are calculated than point to something that is made for another trading platform. For those cases where the actual calculations are not known you really need to have the source code of the indicator in another language like: Pinescript, Easy Language, Power Language, MQL4/5,  Think Script etc.

Can I have a chat with you?

For sure. You can a schedule a call by clicking here. In case there is no open slots you can email me to schedule a call.

Can you make me a chartbook?

My main focus is custom study development for the Sierra Chart platform. Occasionally I do some chartbook work if it is related to the studies that I offer, for instance creating Automated Trading setups. For all other chartbook work you should check out Ticino Trader. He is one of the best.

How does payment work?

Payments for the custom studies that I offer on my website is handled through gumroad.com  and lemonsqueezy.com These platforms allow safe payments through PayPal or any major creditcard (PCI compliant).

For the 1-on-1 work and custom development jobs I use Wise, Stripe or PayPal for receiving payments.

Once we agree to a quote and timeline for the job at hand, I will provide the payment details.

My question isn't listed

If you question isn't listed feel free to get in touch through the contact form or email me directly. You can also check out the ever growing list of FAQ's articles through this link.