A new video on another SST Autotrader setup has been released. It is an example on how you can use indicators you already have and generate valid signals for the Auto Trader to use. The goal is to get you started with setting up your own trade ideas and test them with the SST Autotrader study. Watch the video below for the details. Do not take this as trade advice and do your own due diligence (spoiler alert, this example is not a profitable strategy but you might pick up one or two things). 


Need more background on the SST AT? Check out the first video in a previous blogpost to prepare the SC platform and read some relevant documentation.

Automated trading in Sierra Chart made simple. 

Get the Chartbook example

As promised in the video, you can download the example chartbook here. Unzip the file and place it in your SC data folder. This will allow you to open the chartbook in SC. Be aware that you might need to change the symbol to see a fully loaded chart, depending on the data provider you use. 

Now It's Your Turn!

  • So that’s a wrap on a new SST Autotrader case study. I hope you enjoyed it. Now I’d like to hear your take on this: 
  • - What is your favorite feature? 
  • - What Signal Study are you generating?
  • - What case study would you like to have covered in a next blog post? 
  • - Would you like a second trial period?
  • Or maybe you are missing a feature or you have a question about something from this post. 
  • Either way, let me know by leaving a quick comment below, send me an email , use the contact form, or hit me up on twitter.

Automated trading in Sierra Chart made simple. 

About the author

Frederik creates #SOLID automated trading strategies and indicators for the Sierra Chart trading platform, helping serious traders worldwide with consistent trading performance.


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