Are you looking to share or synchronize your lines and zones that are drawn on a chart automatically? Are you running a room or a trade level service? Or do you have two work locations where you use SC and want to have the same levels available on your charts when you change workplace? This is now possible with Sierra Chart and I will explain it all in this post.


The concept

The concept is fairly simple. With the "Import Levels" study that was explained in my previous blog/video post it is possible to automatically display price levels on your chart that are directly imported from a local or hosted CSV file. This requires a CSV file with appropriate values.

The "Tool Drawing to CSV values file" study that will be described in this post allows you to automatically generate and update a CSV file based on the drawn "Horizontal Rays" or "Extended Rectangles" on your chart. 

Concept: Share or sync your lines or zones

When you sync your auto generated CSV file to your hosting provider or cloud platform everyone that has the direct link to your CSV file can now see the same levels on their chart when using the "Import Levels From a Local or Hosted CSV-file" study.

Tool Drawing to CSV file - Study

This study will detect either the 'Horizontal Ray' or the 'Extending Rectangle' drawing tools and writes the appropriate CSV data to file. When certain properties are changed these will be reflected in an update of the CSV file. Check  out the demo in the video below.

Cloud platform

For operational setups with high file request rates, I recommend to get a proper hosting service to host these files. Something like is relatively easy and quick to set up a cloud platform to host your csv files, but there are many other possibilities like amazon aws, gcloud, bitnami, to name a few. I will not go into much detail here, if you have a large demand for your files you should consult with the cloud/hosting provider of your choice on what technical requirements are needed for your expected use case. is my personal favorite (affiliate link) as I also run my Chicago based trading VPS there. I will go through a few things inside the video above.


There are many synchronisation software solutions to make sure your updates on the CSV files are synchronized with your cloud platform or hosting provider. You could checkout GoodSync or FTP Synchronizer as examples.

Google Drive option

From SC version 1880 and higher, the "Import Levels From a Local or Hosted CSV-file" study also supports a shared link to a google drive file. The following page explains how to create a direct link from a file in your google-drive.

With google sync software you can also synchronise a directory on your local computer to your google drive. On your google drive you can then generate a sharable link on the file of choice and convert that for use with my Import Levels study. Be aware that it could be possible (I am not 100% sure what the rules and policy are) that google can (temporarily) block you from receiving the file if you request the link to frequent for to long.

Check the video below on a demo of the google drive sync setup.

Automatically Export Drawings to a CSV file 

Use "freetrial" at checkout to make the 10-day trial 100% free!

Now It's Your Turn!

  • I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on the Drawing to CSV study. Let me know if you are missing a feature, need a custom study made or you have a question about something else. 
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